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OneDrive recommended settings

OneDrive is absolutely one of the best cloud services that connects you to all your files. It lets you store and protect your files and share them with others. A common scenario for enterprise administrators, is to set a shared folder on the enterprise server that can be accessed form all organization users with specific rights. In this case there are 2 things, administrators must pay attention and this is for new one drive builds.

onedrive version

First thing is to right click on OneDrive folder and click "Always keep on the device". This will ensure that files are stored physically on the server so in case of internet interruption and all files will be available to users.

onedrive Always keep on the device

Second thing is to unclick the "Save space and download files as you use them". This will resolve a common issue where images are not previewed to client workstations preview pane.

onedrive Save space and download files as you use them



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